Our practice has accumulated a significant benchmark database from the hard goods and soft goods segments of retail and grocery. Our benchmark database across the retail sectors we serve is quite robust and can provide you with a valuable sense of how your organization is performing relative to your industry segment.

In order to provide examples of our benchmarking capability and display sample subsets of various types of benchmark information available you will find links to download sample benchmark output below. Additionally, a copy of our Benchmarking Whitepaper is available for download. In this whitepaper we offer insight that may be of value in structuring the benchmarking expectations of your team and we offer thoughts on the type of benchmarking data that may be of value for your team to collect.

We would be pleased to share more information on this subject if you contact us directly.


View our sample Benchmark Reports with real industry benchmark data

Total Supermarket (Industry segment specific sample)Download PDF

  1. Average days of In-store inventory carried
  2. Inventory turns
  3. Average ratio of part-time to full-time associates
  4. Average price changes per week
  5. Average supply cost as a % to sales

Front End (Operating metrics sample) - Download PDF

  1. Bad check %
  2. Average weekly Cash office hours
  3. Customers / cashier & bagger hour
  4. Average items per bag
  5. Average items scanned per minute

Grocery Department (Operating metrics sample)Download PDF

  1. Average off-hour replenishment %
  2. Average days of in-store inventory
  3. Average inventory as % of weekly sales
  4. Average out-of-stock %
  5. Total case stocking rate (incl all rec, br, and groc team hrs)
    (this is not throw rate)


Sample Specialty Store Performance Benchmarking Data

Apparel store – Mass segment (Operating metrics sample)Download PDF

  1. Average maintained margin %
  2. Average regular price margin %
  3. Regular price sell-through %
  4. Average markdown margin %
  5. Average store conversion rate %

Shoe store – Specialty store (Operating metrics sample)Download PDF

  1. Average time to tag – pair
  2. Average time to recovery area (by pair)
  3. Average time to deliver pair to sales floor
  4. Average time to complete sales transaction
  5. Average time to service customer on sales floor

Store Build-Out (Operating metrics sample)Download PDF

  1. Average number of contract bids solicited
  2. Average years in the remodel cycle
  3. Average % of construction “change order” expense
  4. Average construction duration