Change Management and Custom Training Programs

The team at Atlanta Retail Consulting has significant training design and delivery experience. We have assisted and enhanced numerous in-house training teams to develop better targeted, more effective training programs and subsequently deliver those in a positive motivating manner that produces measurable results.

Our change management skill-set is strong and we have real-world change management experience. We have guided many firms through both major and minor change in a variety of cultural scenarios. Our change management programs are closely linked to meaningful operational change and involve ALL levels in the organization. We can assist you to improve your training programs and change management approach with…

A sample of our "Personal Development" Training Programs include the following:

  • Change Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Improving Teamwork
  • Improving Interpersonal Communication
  • Performance Coaching Techniques
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Supervisory Training / Management Skills I
  • Supervisory Training / Management Skills II
  • Negotiation Skills

A sample of our "Function Specific" Training Programs include the following:

  • Managing the Receiving Function
  • Work Measurement Techniques
  • Effective Merchandise Processing and Movement
  • Managing Your Operational Duties
  • Establishing Effective Labor Standards
  • Effective Workforce Management & Scheduling
  • Effective Zone Coverage
  • Recovering the Salesfloor
  • Effective Customer Interaction
  • Selling Techniques That Increase Sales
  • Effective Salesfloor Management
  • Effective Front-End Customer Interactions
  • Customer Interaction Skills for Non-Sales Personnel

These pre-existing programs can be modified at the request of our clients. We are skilled at understanding and clarifying our clients need for newly developed or revised training programs. If you have a specific training topic need that is not mentioned above, please call us to discuss your specific circumstance. We would be pleased to custom tailor a training to meet your specific need. We are also able to modify your own pre-existing programs to reflect a more effective training approach and/or new topic material.


Our training programs are valuable to your team because:

  • We have significant credibility in the retail and consumer products environment
  • Our retail, wholesale, and consumer products experience base is deep, broad, and applicable and we bring a real-world orientation to our trainings
  • Our team is composed of certified master trainers who have decades of training experience
  • We have successfully trained or developed training for thousands of participants and received rave reviews
  • We are experts at training design and modification
  • We are sensitive to our clients operating culture and develop trainings to reflect the true culture at hand so as to optimize the desired training result
  • We are experienced at developing training programs that compliment existing business programs
  • We are skilled at developing "cumulative (tiered) training programs" that create a base of understanding and then build skill sets with layered trainings
  • We are skilled at and employ experiential training techniques that are proven to increase retention rates
  • We employ (and teach) multiple presentation techniques to insure participants are fully engaged and focused on the topic being trained