Customer Service

Our retail customer service improvement experience will provide your organization with the expertise to establish a desired service environment and service experience in your stores (and related service functions). We can also assist you to develop and integrate a stronger service focus into the culture of your organization. Change of this magnitude impacts the fiber of the organization and manifests itself with a measurable increase in conversion rate and sales revenue. We can assist you to improve your customer service effectiveness with….

  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Customer Experience Strategy Development
  • Customer Service Benchmarks
  • Best Practice Service Behaviors
  • Associate Service Training Program Development
  • Service Training Implementation
  • Service Recognition Program Guidance
  • Service Video Development
  • Sales Conversion Measurement / Improvement
  • Integration of Service / Operational Programs
  • Chain-Wide Service Program Rollout

An aligned customer service offering needs to be created, monitored, and maintained to provide your shoppers with an inviting environment that promotes sales.

Service behaviors are definable, measurable, and a key element in a desirable shopping environment. Let us teach your team how to monitor them effectively.

Sample Deliverables:

Typical customer experience improvement deliverables include sales revenue improvement increases of from 3% to 5%, better trained associates, better aligned corporate and field management, and an overall positive climate resulting from an improvement that is often considered too elusive for most organizations to achieve.

  • For a major department store chain we identified numerous operational impediments to positive service and structured a “model store program” to removed them, permitting sales associates to better focus on selling activities. Sales increased 3.5% over a "control group" of stores
  • For a major chain we developed a top down service focused environment that permitted senior management to discover their role in the service equation
  • For a struggling mass merchant we developed a tiered service improvement program custom tailored to the unique culture of the organization and their ability to assimilate behavioral change. Service training was cumulative, building over a series of phases, and the effort assisted the retailer to avoid impending bankruptcy
  • For a major US specialty chain we created and implemented a service improvement program in the credit department. This unique “administrative service program” created results that exceeded all expectations. Both the store associates and the customers themselves noticed an immediate improvement in the attitudes and service orientation of the associates targeted and significant long-term cultural barriers were removed