Our consulting experts can assist you to improve all aspects of your distribution, logistics, and transportation operations. Our experience base includes large (complex) and small distribution environments in both wholesale and retail formats. Distribution is a necessary and costly function within a retail organization. Optimizing the utilization and efficiency of your distribution resources is key to maintaining your profitability. In addition to maintaining a responsive and productive distribution function, the type, extent, and location of your distribution resources must also be managed. Improper location of your distribution assets can be extremely costly and negatively impact service levels. We can assist you to improve your distribution / logistics function with…

  • Distribution / Logistics Vision / Strategy
  • Distribution Operations Assessment
  • DC Operational Procedures
  • Network Strategy Analysis and Optimization
  • Transportation Strategy and Optimization
  • Benchmarks and Operating Metrics
  • Best Practice Implementation
  • Productivity Improvement Programs
  • Operating Procedures
  • Vendor Scorecard and Vendor Measurement
  • Vendor Chargeback Programs
  • WMS Selection and Implementation
  • Labor Standards and Labor Scheduling
  • Capacity Studies and Re-Slotting Programs
  • Volume Forecasting Techniques
  • Service Level Metrics and Management
  • Effective Product Flow
  • Space Utilization and Building Layout Optimization
  • Administrative / Back Office Productivity Improvement
  • Effective Inventory Procedures
  • Coordination with Upstream Functions
  • Multi-Channel Alignment
  • Coordination with Promotional Programs
  • Management Reporting Tools
  • Management / Leadership Skills Training

Sample Deliverables:

Typical Distribution and Logistics deliverables include network (capital expense) optimization, distribution service level improvement, operating expense reduction, and a better trained distribution team.

  • For a national footwear retailer we performed a full (multiple location) distribution center assessment identifying expense reduction recommendations equaling 16% of the annual variable operating budget
  • For a recent supermarket chain we provided guidance on restructuring the distribution operation to improve in-stock service levels (in the stores) and reduce shrink 15 basis points
  • For a specialty store chain experiencing heavy distribution operating expense we performed a distribution center network strategy analysis to map a re-structuring of the distribution resources and optimize necessary expense
  • For a nationally known womens fashion accessories distributor we performed a multi-distribution center analysis to determine an operating plan to combine distribution resources into fewer locations. This process uncovered significant excess and obsolete inventory that was not properly accounted for