Grocery and Food Operations

Our grocery consulting team is staffed by food industry and supermarket experts who have decades of deep operational experience and industry leadership experience. We believe that the food segment of retail is sufficiently unique to warrant specialists who know food operations intimately. Our team has that specific knowledge. We can assist you to improve your grocery retail effectiveness with…

  • Operational Best Practices Implementation
  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Operational Training Programs
  • Management / Leadership Skills Training
  • On-floor Associate Service Behaviors
  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Customer Service Strategies
  • Optimal Front-End Procedures
  • Front-End Supervision
  • Front-End Service Behaviors
  • Price Integrity Improvement Programs
  • Inventory Management / SKU Rationalization
  • Backroom Inventory Reduction
  • Backroom Layout and Utilization
  • DSD Procedures / Vendor Negotiation
  • Cycle Count Procedures
  • Production Planning Techniques
  • Optimal Night Crew Procedures
  • Efficient Re-Order Practices
  • CRM / Loyalty Programs
  • Cash Office Procedures
  • Pharmacy Productivity Improvement
  • Labor Standards Development
  • Scheduling System Implementation / Testing
  • Operational Procedures Documentation
  • Operational Analysis
  • Operating Metrics
  • Shrink Control Programs
  • Category Management
  • Vendor Labor Utilization
  • Organizational Re-Alignment
  • Store Systems Assessment

Our extensive food operations experience permits us to rapidly identify opportunity areas for our clients and recommend specific improvements that are both implementable with the skills we will teach your team and valuable in that they will reduce your operating expense and better permit your organization to optimize sales. If your organization is experiencing operational challenges call us, we can help.

Our Operational Improvement Programs typically include:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Model Store selection
  • Applicable Best Practices Recommendations
  • Implemented Solutions for testing in a controlled environment
  • Performance Metrics and measurement
  • Revised Procedures Manuals
  • Development of a Transfer Methodology for Chain-Wide Roll-Out
  • Train-The Trainer transfer preparation

Our approach to working with a client organization is focused on partnering. We see our role as one of a coach, teaching our client teams to function more effectively. We measure our success by their ability to function well once we leave, having benefited greatly from our presence. Our expert team can assist your firm.

Sample Deliverables:

Typical food (store operations) projects begin with a detailed assessment for senior management. In this assessment we identify and explain all of the opportunities we believe exist for a client. Our approach is to give our clients all of the detail they would need to make positive change happen in their stores. Most of our clients have been so impressed with our depth of understanding that they have asked us to implement the agreed upon changes for them. An average client experiences a 3 – 5% sales increase and store payroll improvement of 50 – 100 basis points

  • For a regional chain with a significant "fresh" format we identified more than 35 key operational improvements that were key to their future profitability. We implemented our recommendations in 3 model store locations before the chain rolled the new processes and procedures out to the entire company. The ROI was 20X within one year
  • For a major east-coast supermarket chain we performed a Root-Cause Analysis focused on improving chain-wide price integrity. The process involved analysis of every component in the pricing process as well as a full store-level pricing accuracy study. Our team was able to identify (and recommend specific improvement steps) to regain 150 basis points of pure net profit being lost to unnecessary price errors caused by a multitude of problems
  • For a major supermarket chain with 1000+ stores we performed an extended, detailed review of their field operations (stores and distribution centers) and identified $265M (annually) worth of procedural improvements