Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management offering includes an inventory analysis that will create an invaluable perspective of your inventory position and how effectively it is being employed. Our SKU Rationalization Process permits us to generate important recommendations for improvement. Our approach will permit your merchandising team to more effectively manage your largest balance sheet account. Our retail consultant team can assist you by analyzing your inventory position in a variety of ways and present inventory information utilizing innovative graphics to create a deeper, more impactful message for your team that promotes action to improve GMROI. We can assist you to improve your inventory management effectiveness with…

  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Margin Performance Analysis
  • Sales / Margin vs On-Hand Inventory Analysis
  • Life Cycle Profile Analysis
  • Category Performance vs Inventory Analysis
  • Assortment / Breadth Analysis
  • Size Scale Effectiveness / Profile Analysis
  • Allocation Effectiveness / Profile Analysis
  • Color Scale Effectiveness / Profile Analysis
  • SKU Rationalization Pattern Analysis
  • Excess / Obsolete Analysis / Profile Analysis
  • Quadrant Analysis

The proliferation of SKU's and reports generated by most inventory management systems can create confusion. Often you can't see the forest through the trees. Let us teach your team how best to manage your inventory.

Sample Deliverables:

A typical inventory management review culminates with a (Phase I) detailed presentation to senior management to review our critical findings. Once our findings are reviewed, understood and agreed upon we typically move into Phase II, which is focused on making specific improvements in the acquisition, management and profitable sale of the merchandise. Our team is focused on identifying meaningful opportunities for improvement and implementing measurable change.

  • We recently performed an inventory analysis and shipment mix analysis for a large distributor and the results indicated that profitability trends were occurring counter to management's expectation. The analysis has caused them to re-think their inventory mix and warehousing strategies
  • For a nationally recognized distributor of womens apparel, we recently performed a full SKU Rationalization analysis across their entire brand and discovered that key size and color scales did not reflect customer preferences – resulting in significant lost sales due to lack of inventory in some departments and end-of-season obsolete / over-stocked inventory in others