Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

Atlanta Retail Consulting is proud to present the cumulative experience of a team composed of highly skilled and deeply experienced public accounting and consulting executives. Formed and staffed by senior partners previously with the largest U.S. consultancies, including the (previous) Big Five, we are uniquely positioned to assist your firm with objective opinion and advice. We offer: Litigation Support, Expert Witness Consulting, Expert Witness Opinion, Expert Witness Testimony, Expert Witness Deposition Services, CPA level Financial Accounting / Forensic Accounting, Strategic Consulting, and Operational Business Review.

Our legal resources can assist the lawyers in your legal team by:

  • Performing a "focused strategic and operational analysis" of a business operating condition to aid your team in proving (or) disproving a point of dispute
  • Clarifying your client's true operating environment and the impact of "real-world" business variables on their legal challenge
  • Identifying and/or clarifying additional (case) strategic options
  • Preparing and delivering authoritative studies, retail advisory services, experienced expert witness reports, expert witness deposition and expert witness testimony
  • Guiding expert witness rebuttal


Our expert witness firm can provide expert opinion and expert advice for litigation, mediation, appeals, or a pending lawsuit.

Our team can assist you in the following legal practice areas:

  • Anti-trust issues
  • Business Strategy Review
  • Financial / Corporate
  • Labor and Employment
  • Bankruptcy
  • Determination of Damages
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Litigation
  • Enterprise Performance
  • Impact of Competition
  • Operations Review


We surpass the typical financial and conceptual input offered by other expert witness groups by applying our focused retail and consumer products experience base to learn, analyze, and opine on:

  • The material circumstances (and details) surrounding the key event (or events) that triggered legal action
  • How and why the event or circumstance occurred
  • The actual impact sustained as a result of the event

A sample of our recent legal assistance engagements includes the following examples that our team members have directed:

When a division of one of the largest department store chains in the US was sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act, we assisted one of America’s largest law firms (outside counsel) and the retailer’s internal corporate legal department by analyzing the related retail space and operational technique employed by the retailer that triggered the complaint. Our actions assisted both the internal and external legal teams to more fully understand the claim (from a practical operational perspective) and why the retail store environment was prone to the action. Our work product prompted a very favorable refinement in the defensive strategy being employed.

We subsequently developed (and employed at store level) new store merchandising and operating procedures that addressed the need for improved accessibility while maintaining the desired look and feel of the upscale retail format. The new procedures were incorporated into the chain-wide operating expectations and were subsequently offered to the court as a major point in addressing the complaint. Further similar legal action in other operating divisions of the parent organization required further deployment of our newly developed operating techniques, additional refinement of the procedures, and training assistance to insure compliance.

When one of the largest distributors in the US was sued by a retail chain our team was engaged by the defendant's legal firm to perform a detailed (forensic) operational analysis of the plaintiff firm to determine why they actually ceased operations and if they would have been a viable on-going concern absent a (claimed) material adverse change by the defendant.

Our analysis provided a practical operational perspective that was deemed invaluable by the defense team as we were able to dissect the plaintiff firm in such a manner as to determine hidden operational challenges, unknown to the defendant prior to that point in time. We providing a convincing argument against the viability of the plaintiff firm as an on-going concern. Our role to date has included a detailed operational and financial forensic review, a detailed expert witness report, response to the plaintiffs experts, and depositions. Subsequent trial activity is forthcoming.

The legal team at one of America's largest grocery chains hired our firm to assist them in analyzing their labor scheduling process, labor utilization patterns, and customer service stance in response to a lawsuit brought by multiple individual plaintiffs who were previously subject to a work-rules change. This engagement was undertaken with the defendant prior to the complaint escalating to a class-action with the expectation that the input from our group could assist in generating a strategy to dissuade the plaintiffs from electing that status.

Our role permitted the internal legal team at the retailer, in conjunction with outside counsel, to better understand how the store labor management process should have been managed and how it was (actually) managed. As the result of our detailed analysis and strategic input, the legal team adjusted their defensive posture and became more aware of the events that occurred to trigger the complaint. Class-Action status was not achieved and the multiple complaints were addressed to the defendants satisfaction.

Atlanta Retail Consulting is prepared to assist your firm with industry experts who have successfully worked in the retail and consumer products arenas for decades. Our team members know the industry intimately and can call upon our awareness of the nuances that exist (that typically elude other more "general" experts) to create a distinct credible advantage. As a result of our unique stance, we can provide you with very tangible and valuable benefits that could not be exercised without our presence.

We believe that our services are uniquely valuable because:

  • We have proven credibility in the legal arena and have the enviable reputation of making a very valuable retail expert witness contribution
  • We have experience working with the largest law firms as well as large internal corporate legal teams
  • We can supplement other "experts" who's perspective may be primarily conceptual in nature
  • Our retail, wholesale, consumer products and manufacturing experience base is deep and broad
  • We have strong analytical capabilities
  • We possess functional expertise in accounting matters, labor management, marketing and sales management, general operating procedures, and management reporting and control functions
  • We can help your team to better understand a complaint and formulate additional case strategy options to address the challenge at hand
  • We have many decades of consulting and financial attest experience among the practice leaders plus additional team members to supplement our services as needed