Organizational Restructure

The Atlanta Retail Consulting team is positioned to assist your firm with consulting expertise capable of reviewing your current organizational structure and (if appropriate) recommending a new, more effective, structure. Our team has provided organizational restructure recommendations to numerous retail and consumer products organizations in the past along with the rationale for change, anticipated financial impact, and a realistic transition strategy. We can assist you to improve your organizational structure with….

  • Global Best Practice Structure Comparison
  • Span-Of-Control Analysis
  • Workload / Output Balancing
  • Elimination of Functional Duplication
  • Communication Enhancement
  • Improved Support Systems / Tools
  • Logical Function Placement
  • Management / Leadership Skills Training
  • Operational Training Identification

Why our organizational consulting assistance is valuable:

  • We have significant credibility in the retail and consumer products environment
  • Our retail, wholesale, and consumer products experience base is deep, broad, and applicable and we bring a real-world orientation to our engagements
  • Our team is composed of consultants who have applicable retail and consumer products experience and understand the organizational constraints of the industry segment
  • We are sensitive to your operating culture and how that can impact your organizational
  • We understand your core functions and the requirements these place on your organization
  • We understand how to balance skills and create efficient "spans of control" within an organization