Our Philosophy

Our service offering is noticeably different than other consultancies in that we are able to focus on solving your immediate challenges and then “show and teach” your associates to operate in a more effective manner into the future. “We develop your team” to be more effective in addition to improving your procedures and systems. As the result of our experience and expertise in developing and leading positive change in scores of organizations, our engagements have created dramatic measurable improvement in the operation and performance of many client organizations.

A sampling of the typical tangible benefits we have created include:

  • Increased sales revenue (typically 5%-8%)
  • Improved sales conversion rate
  • Improved sales floor shop-ability and service environment
  • Reduced merchandise movement time and increased in-stock condition
  • Improved merchandising, distribution, and stores coordination
  • Reduced labor content (typically by 50 to 100 basis points)
  • Reduced inventory carrying cost
  • Optimized distribution network
  • Improved systems and administrative support

We strive to combine our outside expertise with the existing knowledge base in our client organizations. We accomplish this by orienting our engagements to involve our clients in the development, testing and implementation of new practices and procedures in an innovative and enjoyable manner. Our solutions tend to be accepted and utilized by our client teams more fully than if they were just from an outside team of experts – because the ideas and new concepts that emanate are the product of joint collaboration. We know that people tend to embrace new ideas at a much greater rate if they are emotionally connected to them. We make that happen.