Supply Chain Effectiveness

Our retail supply chain consultants can assist your firm to assess and optimize all facets of your supply chain. It is not uncommon to encounter a client that has improved productivity in various component functions within their organization – to the detriment of "total enterprise performance". Balancing true enterprise need and avoiding sub-optimization requires a trained perspective and a detailed knowledge of the inner-workings of the entire enterprise. Our experience base spans both food and non-food retail and we have significant experience in every retail format. We can assist you to improve your organization’s supply chain with…

  • Enterprise-Wide Supply Chain Assessment
  • Identification of Functional Effectiveness
  • Multi-Channel Coordination
  • Benchmarks and Operational Metrics
  • Global Best Practice Programs
  • Procedural Documentation
  • Inventory Optimization / SKU Rationalization
  • Optimized Merchandise Acquisition / Product Life-Cycle
  • Administrative / Supply Chain Support Tools
  • Inventories and Cycle Counts
  • Coordination with Other Operating Divisions
  • Managerial Reporting Mechanisms
  • Managerial Skill / Leadership Training
  • Improved Internal Communication Process

A properly organized supply chain assessment by our well trained team may uncover opportunities your firm may never have been aware of and provide senior management with recommendations and assistance with improvement initiatives that will generate a significant ROI.

Sample Deliverables:

Typical Supply Chain assessment and improvement program deliverables include improved inventory turns, reduced product cycle times, improved margins, lower operating expenses and increased customer satisfaction levels.

  • For a recent distribution client we identified ongoing annual enterprise-wide savings equaling 6% of annual sales
  • For a Supermarket chain we performed a supply chain assessment that culminated in a multi-year enterprise-wide improvement effort. The return on our fees was 15X