We guide and teach our retail client’s to:

ANALYZE  their business in a more effective manner

Develop and implement more effective operating  STRATEGIES

Improve the efficiency of their CORPORATE, DC and STORE OPERATIONS

Implementing our consulting recommendations will create significant operating savings for your company. Our typical client saves 8X our fees. Sales increase and operating costs are reduced.

Atlanta Retail Consulting

Key areas of consulting that we offer expertise in include:

Store Operations, Labor Staffing / Workforce Management, Operational Best Practices, Customer Experience, Merchandising, Inventory Management, Distribution and Stock Movement, IT Systems, Supply Chain, and Change Management.

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Our experience includes Supermarkets/Grocery, Chain Drug, Convenience, Apparel, Fashion Boutiques, Department, Mass and General, Category Killers, Specialty, Distributors and Wholesale.

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Retail management Consultant

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Sample Retail Benchmarks

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