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The Atlanta Retail Consulting team is composed of deeply experienced retail consultants who assist our clients to increase sales and reduce operating expenses. We have decades of successful experience assisting grocery stores, apparel/fashion chains and general merchandise retailers, both big and small. Our team members focus on introducing our clients to new more efficient operating methods. On average, our clients generate an on-going annual savings that equals 8X our fees.

Key areas of consulting that we offer expertise in include:

Store Operations, Labor Staffing / Workforce Management, Operational Best Practices, Customer Experience, Merchandising, Inventory Management, Distribution and Stock Movement, IT Systems, Supply Chain, and Change Management. Click on OUR SERVICES in the menu bar above for more information.

Retail store formats that we have significant experience in include:

Supermarkets and Grocery, Chain Drug, Convenience, Apparel, Fashion Boutiques, Department, Mass and General, Category Killers, Specialty, Distributors and Wholesale.

If your organization could benefit from our services, please contact us at 770-754-5008 or via email at

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